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And here we are folks. At the beginning of what may be a revolution in the worldwide arts community. I want to start by thanking you all for joining us here at the gates of tomorrow. As we continue forward you will soon have access to the content of our mock issue of The Root 66™ magazine. We will be initially printing on a quarterly basis. Inside there will be numerous articles based around music and the now ever changing industry that shapes and supports the way in which we all gain access to this wonderfully uplifting art form. Additionally, each issue will contain an article on a poet/writer and a filmmaker, and a feature on the photographer or artist that created the cover of that particular issue.

It is our plan to predominantly pull from the ranks of our members to provide for our content. This means that it is in all of our interest to spread the word and try to recruit the very best artists that we know to help provide us all with only the very best in art, be it music, print or any other art form that uplifts and inspires. This being said, I encourage you all to invite as many people as you can to come and join us in our quest for artistic inspiration.

The final component of our community is to be a show inclusive of both live performance and interview segments. We intend it to eventually be a broadcast program, but will start by providing it in a download format. The taping of our pilot episodes will be occurring later this year and promise to play host to some amazing performances. So thank you once again, and let’s all inspire each other to create what will become the world’s premier source for artistic expression.

Oh, and anyone wanting to be friends, hit me up.

Nick Ward


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I was invited to the site by a former student of mine from Brooks Institute. I like what I see and will keep spreading the word as well. Looking forward to a fabulous 2009!
Nick, it was a pleasure to meet you at the Music in Film Summit recently. I think you have a terrific concept, and an impressive roster of creative talent representative of some of the finest professionals in the industry here in the Southwest! I look forward to future collaborations, don't hesitate to call if there's anything you need.

Phil Arnold
Southwest Music Productions, LLC
Music and Sound for Film and Television
holy domino rootman!

Hi all - I heard about this site through LuLu and as I look around see a few familiar faces. Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into the site. I know what it takes to keep an online community going. Here's to a new year filled with mutual support and collaboration.

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