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I have a screenplay which I'm trying to get produced and also get it published as a Graphic Novel.It's an ADULT-THEMED script/story, EXTREMELY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT/GRAPHIC. I'm looking for a "Producer"/mentor/finance/angel/someone with either funding or knows how to get it.I'm also looking for an artist/cartoonist/experienced graphic artist-someone who has experience in producing such a comic to work with me, on a PURELY SPEC/CONTINGENCY BASIS. Have you been thinking of doing something in this genre, but didn't have the material? Well, I've got the material-I just  need the person/people to help me put it all together.I know I'm asking a lot-your work and time is worth a lot-so is mine, and I'm willing to share it. I promise-this is a very good story/script,your time won't be wasted reading it.It has a plot, well-written dialog( dialog?- Gasp!) and a great night-club scene. I'm a Good writer, and have several "regular" scripts to prove it. I just wanted to try my hand at this genre. If there is ANYBODY who can identify with my dilemma and sympathize, and, more importantly help in any manner, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Oct 28th 2011-Since I posted this, I've been added to a site in Sydney, Australia for cartoonists/artists which you can access to see/read my story/script.It is:


and click "Lavender Bay Dreamer"


Thanks, and... Cheers!




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