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Marble Kiss

This story appeared in a British lit. mag called Visionary Tongue.

Marble Kiss

Weather doesn’t bother us, anymore.

Despite what my heart knows, my soul, despite what my own senses confirm, day, after night, after day, I still have doubts occasionally.

Forgive me, my darling. I know better, of course. Yet there’s that stubborn part of me which clings to ‘reason’ in the face of what would seem a miracle. I suppose you’re right. It does take a little time to…


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Still Awake

My single stanza haiku that was in Weird Tales Magazine.

Still Awake


Kane S. Latranz

Closet door ajar

Rectangular, sepulchral

Shadows? Evil clowns.

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A poem of mine that appeared in Philosophy Now Magazine number 44

Planck's Angels


Kane S. Latranz

In the age of the ancient Greeks

the word 'Atom'

meant "undivided."

In the age of atom smashers

that distinction has been handed down

to the Planck Length.

No one has ever walked the Planck Length

or even seen one.

Couldn't it be halved, quartered,

billionthed, trillionthed?

How many dancing particles

form the head



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Alibi review, Bitch Magazine

Being estrogen-challenged on the one hand, and about as anti-macho as possible (while still being attracted to women) on the other, I found this "feminist response to pop culture" to be very intelligent and thought-provoking. I was also pleasantly surprised by how balanced it was.

My only real bitch concerns the article by Noy Thrupkaew on slash fiction. One infamous example of this subgenre of fan fiction which is produced and consumed primarily by women centers on Kirk and Spock…


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Alibi review, Found Magazine

"Mario, I f**king hate you/You said you were at work then whys your car HERE at HER place?? You're a f**king LIAR/I hate you/I f**king hate you/Amber/PS Page me later."

One snowy Chicago night, Found Magazine mastermind Davy Rothbart discovered the above note on the windshield of his Toyota Camry, minus the asterisks I stuck in there. Presumably, Mario, boyfriend of the tempestuous and less-than-resolutely pissed off Amber ("Page me later"), drives a Toyota Camry as…


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My Alibi review of Fierce Magazine

From what I've seen of the current generation of feminist magazines—Bitch, Bust and now Fierce—they have no aversion to the physical beauty of women. In the case of the amazing Angie Lin on the cover of the recent "Spirit" issue, C. Noel's photos are distinctive, sensuous and ethereal. Accompanied by editor-in-chief Asata Reid's poetic and uplifting "The Liberation of My Spirit," which is peppered with inspiring quotes from such diverse sources as Anais Nin and Mother…


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The Sparks of Undivided Duality

The Sparks of Undivided Duality

By Kane S. Latranz

For Little Raven

Appeared in Hadrosaur Tales # 21

The universe dispersed,…


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