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The Malediction Legacy.

                                                            I've reached the 100th page, five pages remains to finish the Malediction Legacy script, and then, the fun it's about to begin. Rewriting and editing.

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Nunnery Outline

This is the novel outline. I also have 40% script written.

Yvonne Leo, a young woman from a wealthy and religious family in Paris, fell in love with Matteo Salomon, a French-Italian art student wannabe, who introduced her to drugs and prostitution.

Her mother, Clotilde Leo hopelessly tried to make her realize that Matteo only uses her, but she hides that she personally knows him as a male prostitute with whom she has spent time in the past.

Her father, Damien Leo,…


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Gigi Lamar Movie Outline

This is the story of a straight female impersonator.

Dean Steven Nichols



GIGI LAMAR - Outline


A police car with lights and sirens stops at the club The Q, the 40-year-old police officer Stephan O’Connor, enters the club.

Most of the customers are standing and cheering as they are watching the…


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The Malediction Legacy

This is the short synopsis of my current WIP. As of the cover it's my own design.

Elissa Ashlynn Harlow, a rational NY Police detective, investigates a murder. Though the crime, committed in a busy subway during rush hour, except a drunken homeless man who insists an Indian is the killer, and a mysterious feather in the victim's mouth, she has no witnesses, and…


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