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Echos of silence resounding within, filling my mind with their screams once again. Fading to empty and pulling me down, slashing my soul with the edge of a frown, leave me here bleeding want no one around.

Words turn to whispers, pictures to pain, feeding my fears on the blood in my veins. Slowly the echos becoming a phrase, still I can't seem to get out of this haze. Lost with the lonely I've nothing to praise.

Echos of silence now loosing their call, turning to shadows… Continue

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What is the answer you fear to find? Where do you want to go? Do you have pictures out of your dreams, and are they ALIVE do you know? Can you move onward into today, or are you lost in your past? Will you choose just as you've chosen before, or will you be guided at last...

Into the light that darkens your eyes,

or into the truth that hides only lies,

or into the hole in your heart that you hide,


Into me!

What is the world love, in which we live?… Continue

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In early eve, when light it fades and shadows then grow long, my mind it wanders toward the grave and what may lie beyond. Is there within a sacred place, Paradise by name? And in this place, who's to say how long we shall remain? If this place it does exist I would it bright and fair, for if it's not than Paradise is ringed with dark despair. It could be without conscious thought or at least by our minds, an empty void, a lonesome place daunted not by time. So say I in closing breath, in my… Continue

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