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So here is a little piece about a movie that I am producing. Having some fun with this one folks...

ALBUQUERQUE – November 6, 2010 - At the Breeders' Cup, it was announced a theatrical motion picture will be made about MINE THAT BIRD, and his extraordinary journey and triumph at the 2009 Kentucky
Derby. The director will be Jim Wilson, Academy Award Winning Producer
of DANCES WITH WOLVES and many other films including, THE BODYGUARD,
WYATT EARP and MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. Lead producer is Pieter
Kroonenburg, who is also president of Kingsborough Pictures.

The film will be a success story for New Mexico's film industry, with a commitment by the producers to utilize New Mexico crews and talent whenever possible and to shoot the majority of the picture within the
state. Mine That Bird is owned by New Mexicans Mark Allen and Dr.
Leonard Blach, and was trained on their ranches in Roswell, New Mexico.
The owners are Members in the New Mexico LLC, formed to produce the
film. Among those being considered for roles in the movie are Mine That
Bird, himself, and three-time Kentucky Derby winner, jockey, Calvin

The film follows the humorous adventures of a small, crooked-footed horse and his cowboy owners and trainer, who take to the highway in an unlikely bid to win America's premier horse race, The Kentucky Derby.
Misfits in the regal world of Kentucky blue bloods, these charming
rascals face multiple mishaps and obstacles along the way to the
winner's circle.

Pre-production will commence in February 2011.

"His story reminds us to do what we love if we want to succeed," said Mine That Bird Producer, Price Hall.

The Bird has clearly inspired people wherever he has run, and time and again he has been called 'everyman's horse',
setting a great example for the small guy who can win against all odds if he just sets his mind to it.

"America loves an underdog," said Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker, writer/producer.

The producing team is further complemented by New Mexicans, Tony Mark (Executive Producer for Academy Award winning THE HURT LOCKER), Earl Robinson, Liz Servis and Nick Ward, as well as Los Angeles attorney,
Rick Morse.

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