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I went to Marble last night. Marble Brewery on 1st and Marble.

It was a last minute decision, I figured there would be music as Marble has really put together a great weekend lineup of live music, but I didn’t know what band would be there. 

I rode my bicycle, at night with no lamp, aaagh …..  I was a little scared I can’t lie.

It was so worth the terror :)   A band I’ve never seen before just topped my list of bands I will go see again!   Three String Bale.  They were fun, energetic, musically talented, and played some great down-home, kick up your heels folk music. Upright bass, electric guitar, pots and pans, slide guitar, soup can... just to name a few instruments that kept me tapping my toes.  I tried to take photos but it was dark enough that I didn’t get anything good.  I do not have any schmancy cameras….just the one that comes in my HTC.  It isn’t bad, but wasn’t quite up to the task.

I’m glad to say that my neighbor was there with one of her friends and had a place for me to sit.  That is a lucky thing on a Friday night at Marble!  I saw a few friends there and the dancing was on!

I’m am 100% ok with the sore neck I have today because of the BLAST I had while dancing last night.  Last night was an incredible music experience.

I rode home with my neighbor and her friend, who luckily both had lamps.  Just chatting with the girls, watching the moon, dodging traffic, and experiencing the beautiful weather.  I’ve been stuck behind books for so long it felt really cool to just be part of that moment!

Today I am hitting up a few places around my house in my ongoing job search and then devoting some time to art.  My empower series is getting ready to hit the canvas :)

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