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This is the story of a straight female impersonator.

Dean Steven Nichols



GIGI LAMAR - Outline


A police car with lights and sirens stops at the club The Q, the 40-year-old police officer Stephan O’Connor, enters the club.

Most of the customers are standing and cheering as they are watching the two female impersonators, Gigi, and Sharona fighting. Sharona, grabs Gigi by the hair, and pulls the wig off, grabs a bottle from a nearby table and waves it at Gigi.


“Nobody. Nobody tells me to shut up and walk away when I am talking, nobody. If you think you are the best, then show me what you’ve got bitch.” Sharona tries to rip Gigi’s dress off, the crowd is cheering.


Stephan grabs Sharona. “OK Ladies, let’s go backstage and tell me all about your differences."


In Flashback.

The cab stops in front of the club ”Q” Gigi opens the door and steps on the still wet from the rain sidewalk. With her purse on her shoulder and both hands in the pockets of the black mink coat. Gigi looks at the clear sky, and with a smile on her face looks at the bright neon sign. 

Club “THE Q” Live shows nightly.

Starring. Gigi Lamar.

Smiling, she opens the door, and as she rolls her eyes in every corner, approaches the bar and orders a dry martini. With the drink in her hand, walks backstage to her dressing room.


“Gigi, darling, you’re back” the familiar voice of her friend Doriana. “Gigi honey, I watched the entire season. I cannot believe you lost the title over a lip-sync.”


Sharona comes out of her dressing room. “Gigi sweetie, your back, I’m sorry you lost, and I’m also sorry you’re back. It was nice and quiet while you’re gone. By the way, honey, everyone’s lip-sync is better than yours.”


Gigi looks at Sharona. “Nice to see you too Sharona." Walks in her dressing room and closes the door. 

Sharona interacts with the customers; a group of five asks her if Gigi is performing tonight. Sharona rolls her eyes and looks in the opposite direction. “Yea. She’s back.” She then sits at the bar. The lights go down, and Gigi takes the stage.


After the show, Gigi goes to the bar and orders a drink, Sharona looks at Gigi. “Gigi darling, I think it is time for the old bitches to retire. What do you think the retirement age for an old washed up drag queen should be? 35? I’m sorry darling not because you’re 38; just academically speaking.”


Gigi looks at Sharona smiles, gives her an air kiss, and walks away. The bartender calls Gigi. “Gigi, there’s a message for you," and hand her an envelope. Gigi looks at the envelope.

Executive. Modeling agent.


Shot sequence

Gigi in high-fashion shows, crowds cheering, Gigi in high-fashion magazines, headlines. Gigi Lamar. Men invading high fashion. Gigi’s makeup secrets. This irresistible woman is a man. The incredible Gigi Lamar, exclusive interview, with a high-fashion goddess.   


Still in flashback


Gigi finishes her show and gets off the stage. The crowd cheers and asks for more.

Backstage Sharona and Gigi. “Gigi darling, I love your magazine pictures, but dear, you need to wax a little more; your makeup looks terrific, but your five o’clock shadow shows. You need to use a little more foundation on the chin, and eye area, your wrinkles showing.”


“Sharona, are you try to degrade me because you feel threatened. Honey, you need to try harder.” – “Threaten? By you? Gigi, you can’t threat me; you are nothing but an epic failure.” – “Sharona I don’t understand what is your problem. What are you trying to accomplish? Is there a reason for the way that you are, or it is just natural to you? Why don’t you take your problem down the hall and play with it?"


“My problem? You are my problem bitch. Since you came back from your realty show, loser, of course; you think that are something?” – “Sharona, keep your drama for the stage, it might help you perform better.” Gigi turns and walks away. "Don't you walk away when I'm talking? Come back here you ugly old bitch.”


Present time

Backstage Officer Stephan talks to Sharona. “And that’s why you attacked Gigi?” - "Officer I'm sorry. She attacked me first. She called me all kinds of names; she slapped me, and threatened me; that her boyfriend will kick my ass. I was just defending myself.”

“Sharona, I want you to stay away from Gigi. If I have to come back here, you are going to jail. Do you understand me?” – “Yes, officer.” Sharona, walk away, Stephan closes the dressing room door. “I am sorry officer; I apologize for all the trouble.” – “Is it true about your boyfriend?” – “No! I don’t have a boyfriend.” – “I can’t see why; you’re very attractive.” – “thank you officer.” – “Call me Stephan.”

The next night Gigi sees Stephan in the audience. Stephan attracted to Gigi, becomes a regular customer, and persuades Gigi to go on a date, by bringing her small gifts and flowers.

One evening Gigi parks her car in the club's parking lot; Stephan approaches and after a short conversation convinces Gigi to go for dessert and coffee at a nearby coffee shop.

At the coffee shop, Gigi tells Stephan, “You must know. I am not gay; I am married with kids, and very happy.” Opens his purse and pulls a picture of his family. A cut in half picture of an older woman falls on the floor, Stephan with his eyes wide-open, stare at the picture. “Who is this woman?” – “My mother.” – “Our mother, I have the other half of that picture. Gigi, I am your brother.”

After the initial surprise, Stephan escorts Gigi to the club. During Gigi’s performance, Sharona approaches Stephan. “Are you guys going home after the show?” – “No Sharona. Gigi and I, we are…, Friends.”

“I can be a jolly good friend if you let me. Give it try. I live alone. not far from here.” – “Sharona, I’m old enough to be your father.” – “And hot enough to be my lover, and I can call you daddy.” – “Sharona sit down and tell me. Why do you like older men?” Sharona looks at Stephan. The muscle’s on her face tightened, and a tear roll down her cheek.   

“I grew up without my father; I don’t even know who my father is. My mother never talks about him. I remember at school all the kids were talking about their fathers. I was there alone. It hurts.” Sharona wipes the tear stands up from the table and looks at Stephan. “But it doesn’t matter anymore. I am not a kid. I am Sharona, and as everyone calls me, the queen bitch of the universe, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So long cowboy.”

The next-day Nathan and Stephan goes to their father’s apartment. The elevator stops, the door opens, and Nathan sees Sharona/Martin coming out of an apartment. “Thank you daddy, I see you next week.” The 60-year old Sherman O’Connor stands in the doorway. “That’s Sharona. What is he doing here?” Stephan asks Martin. “Aren’t you the son, of the Swedish woman whose car got broken into last week? Ottilia…” – “Ottilia Ragnhild. Oh yea, you are the cop.” 

The sound of the father falling on the floor caught their attention. Stephan rushes to his father’s aid.

“Father! Are you ok?” – Sherman looks at Nathan and Martin, then Stephan. “23 years ago I dated a woman from Sweden named Ottilia Ragnhild.” Sherman transported to Saint Francis hospital with a minor heart attack.

Martin moves with Nathan, and his family, graduates and becomes a registered nurse. Stephan killed in the line of duty, and Nathan continues a very successful modeling career.



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