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Dude.  I watched  A State of Mindthe other day. 

One, this movie demonstrates the most beautiful way to create Communism.  If I had to be part of a communist nation, I hope that it has something this amazing to participate in, hands down. 

Two, I have never been more scared of a whole country before in my life. 

The more I think about it, the more I realize just how scary this threat really is.  We all know that the events of September 11 were carried out by a group of radicals.  Civil wars in various nations have factions that harbor a little more zeal than the rest of their affiliated groups.  But we know that if we take out those zealots/ radicals, that order can be restored. That the majority of the citizens are just trying to get along in the situation they're in.

But this movie, in showing the amazing group work it takes to create this beautiful work of human art, demonstrates that THE ENTIRE COUNTRY, every single man, woman, and child absolutely resoundingly hates America.  Not just the radicals, not just the leaders, not even the majority.  Every single citizen regardless of age or gender.  They hate us.

Now I get it, the reasoning.  It actually makes sense.  Whenever someone has been victimized they need to find someone or something to blame in order to find a way to cope.  I have to do some more research into the whole "forgotten 3 year war" before I make too many claims on the specific subject, but from what I can tell, the US pretty much went in there and slaughtered the nation in fairly horrific ways.  It is not unrealistic that in trying to pick up the (literal) pieces of their country and lives they needed to blame, point fingers, and even hate until the healing is done.

But the leaders of North Korea are keeping their country's wound open by picking at it and encouraging festering rot.

At the same time, this movie demonstrates a country filled with people that have pride in themselves, in their accomplishments as a country, are taught to be independent, and are fairly treated as equals within their homeland.  The Mass Games are at once both a training for Communism and a source of truly deserved personal, community and national pride.  The US has NOTHING on this.  Hell, I can't even get 8th graders to write a research paper that adheres to the State guidelines of what 7th graders should know.

A State of Mind will open your mind to another perspective on US military aftermath, the beauty that can be found in group consciousness, and the fact that if North Korea ever decides to attack, we would have to kill an entire nation.  I say, we let their communist country be and find a peaceful way to be invited to the Mass Games.

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