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I've been into foreign films lately

My newest view of which I am now a big fan?   The War of the Arrows.  It's a Korean action film. 

War of the Arrows Poster

Generally when I think of movies from the far east, I'm not going to lie, I stereotype and expect to see a fair bit of hand to hand combat (h2hc) the likes of karate, kung fu, etc.  depending on where the film is made.

I was happily shocked to find no real h2hc fight scenes.  I say happily because the action sequences that were there, not only made up for the lack of h2hc, they were awesome.  Really awesome. 

The story, the plot, the characters were all well thought out, witty, and real.  There was enough gore to satisfy the men in our house, but not become a focal point of the movie, which makes me happy.  There are unexpected twists, humor, and 'how the hell is he going to get out of that?' moments.  A must see.

Here's the iMDb video trailer if you want to check it out.

Another new favorite is a movie named Chocolate. Not to be confused with Johnny Depp
's Chocolate.  

Chocolate Poster

This film is spunky, funny, and flat-out KICK ASS.  This movie does not hold back on the h2hc At All.  In fact, there were two scenes in which I had to cover my eyes, the "OHHHH's and OUCH!'s" coming from the menfolk were enough for me. 

Even better, this movie features some of the ups and downs of having a child that is autistic.  It oddly took me a little while to figure out why the movie acquired its title, but once I recognized why, well... I felt pretty silly.  A beautifully crafted movie.

A trailer to drool upon

AND a final mention in my foreign film foray:

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree Poster

Not exactly sure how I feel about this movie.  It made me feel, that's for sure.  It is definitely a girly movie, love affair and all, but not your typical American girly movie. 

Lemon Tree deals with the issues around the religious and political issues in the Middle East in a creative and moving way.  I feel like to tell you anything would be to give away parts that I shouldn't.

Here's a trailer:

Hopefully you will enjoy these movies too :)

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