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This is the novel outline. I also have 40% script written.

Yvonne Leo, a young woman from a wealthy and religious family in Paris, fell in love with Matteo Salomon, a French-Italian art student wannabe, who introduced her to drugs and prostitution.
Her mother, Clotilde Leo hopelessly tried to make her realize that Matteo only uses her, but she hides that she personally knows him as a male prostitute with whom she has spent time in the past.
Her father, Damien Leo, German scientist with a prestigious position in the European space Institute, gave her an ultimatum, to either, end her relationship and change her lifestyle, or she is not welcome to the family.

Disowned by her family, she moved in with Matteo and began working as a prostitute to support her addiction, and Matteo’s needs.

Adele Rose, a seasoned prostitute, and Placide Florence, a transgender prostitute, both victims of circumstances, tried to help Yvonne. One night, they took her to a motel where usually Matteo hangs out looking for wealthy women or men to offer them his services. But because of her insecurity, dependency on drugs and her family’s rejection, she closed her eyes to the facts and fell deeper into drugs, until one night after an almost lethal injection transported to the hospital. Placide went to Yvonne’s estate and talked to Clotilde. Both women went to the hospital where Placide offered her to stay in her parents' home in Plaisir, about 40 minutes from Paris, which after her mother’s death had remained empty.

Yvonne, determined to change her lifestyle, accepted her offer, and moved to the country home. A couple of days later, Placide, brought her belongings from Matteo’s apartment and introduced her to her cousin Gael Ruben, who owns the local bookstore. Gael, hired Yvonne as an accountant.

With her cheerful character and her extended knowledge in religion, Yvonne quickly established friendship with Brigitte Maelys, a nun from a monastery nearby who often visiting the bookstore.

Brigitte, invited her to visit the monastery. Mesmerized by the serenity, Yvonne became a nun. One day as she was categorizing the library, a book titled “The Diary of Father Samuel Nicholas Esther,” caught her attention. Yvonne recognized her grandfather’s name, retired priest, now living in the French Riviera.

She began reading the diary, and learned that 25 years ago, he successfully performed an exorcism, to a single mother. However, the spirit had left her disabled, and unable to take care of her four-month daughter, Yvonne, which Samuel had adopted soon after.

Alarmed, she talked to Brigitte, with whom she developed a very close friendship, but without revealing that Samuel is her grandfather, asked if they have any more information pretending that she is only interesting about the exorcism.

Brigitte, who had developed a motherly love for Yvonne, revealed that the only person that can give her all the details, is her cousin, Reverend Mother Odile Duval. Thus, she is the woman; Father Samuel performed  the exorcism.

Shocked by the discovery Yvonne began having nightmares, which gradually became daily hallucinations. In fear of being asked to leave the monastery, but curious to learn the details, she did not talk about her experiences.

One night, a shadow appeared in her chamber, and instructed her to go to the North site of the catacombs where she will find the answers to her questions.

The next morning Yvonne went to the catacombs and discovered a door that was sealed off with a wax crest on the lock. She broke the seal and opened the door, and found a dark room with no windows or other doors. The walls were painted black, and in the center, an altar made of human skeletons. A sudden draft ruffled Yvonne’s hair, and an evil smile darkened her face.

Within the next few days, she began demonstrating telekinetic and telepathic abilities, as well as the capacity, to manifest the desires of those who ask. She soon attracted the attention of a few nuns who began following her.

In a very short time six of the eleven nuns with Yvonne as their leader, began performing satanic rituals in the hidden room, but soon Brigitte discovered them, and immediately talked to the Reverend Mother.

Odile revealed that, after the exorcism, a mark, similar to the mark on Yvonne’s face had appeared under her daughter’s left eye, and that she was suspecting that Yvonne, she was her daughter. She also revealed that the monastery had been built on the top of an 18th-century satanic coven to protect the village. According to local legends and myths of the village, there are hidden catacombs under the monastery that only the chosen one could discover.

Odile, instructed Brigitte to contact the cardinal in Paris, but no telephone or the Internet it was working. Yvonne, who had been listening behind the door, walked in the room, wearing the satanic pentacle around her neck; behind her, her six followers pushing in the two sisters who refused to join them.
The seven Satan worshiping sisters took the four women in the ritual chamber and after a ceremony, Yvonne killed the four women and invoked the devil by offering their blood.

An earthquake destroyed most of the village as the devil blessed the monastery and the seven Satanist sisters with his power.

The seven sisters began recruiting the villagers and killing those who refuse to follow. The event soon became known to the Pope, who visited the village to exorcise the evil. For three days and three nights, the Pope, two Cardinals and father Samuel Nicholas Esther, exorcised the monastery. On the third day, the monastery exploded and the dark cloud that had been covering the village lifted. A shadowed figure fled to the countryside.

Two days later, the newspapers, headlined the murders of Adele Rose and Placide Florence. Their bodies were found skinned with the tongues cut off on the street, and an accident that killed Father Samuel Nicholas Esther, his daughter and her husband in French Riviera.

At Leo’s Mansion in Paris, a delivery man wearing a cross around his neck, knocked the door. Yvonne received the package, as the driver got back  on the truck and started the engine the truck exploded. Yvonne with a smile upon her face closed the door. Later that night, Matteo, driving a Ferrari, stopped outside of a strip club in Paris, Yvonne provocatively dressed, got out of the car while Matteo drove away wearing the satanic pentacle. The "final secret is yet to be reveled.

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