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45 days and I leave for Prague.  My intention is to get a job there and stay there for at least a year after I get my license.  I keep going round and round with where I want to go first.  But as this is all getting closer, I am realizing and remembering that I want to go to several countries and I can’t go to all of them at the same time.  The more experience I get, the better able I will be to get the specific locations that I want.

I also have to figure out locations to teach where David can go to school.  It is definitely more of a challenge to bring dependents with you.   I feel  so grateful that he wants to go with me and has the foresight to see how much this can benefit his future.  He has been very good about standing his ground for what he wants with his father as well.  I’m really proud of him for that.  I only wish I could bring the other two.  But another time.  Everything in its time.

I went to Santa Fe to get everything Apostilled after the epic UNM debacle.  Amazingly CNM went out of their way, got all the right papers the first time, offered extra assistance, called the Secretary of State to make sure that what they were giving me would work, and had me in and out in about 30 minutes.  UNM however didn’t have the right links on their website to order the right papers and got snotty with me when I tried to explain there was no link, made me reorder the papers, and then STILL got everything wrong on the day I went in to pick it all up The Second Time.  Luckily my friend Jamie was there to calm me down before I lost it, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.  The final lady we spoke with at UNM did get everything squared finally and even had the first set of papers reimbursed to make up for the hassle.  But man, what a day!

I still have to send in for my – that was another issue that I had to deal with.  The SOS told me to have it done at the State Police office.  I went there, got everything the woman at the station said I needed, paid $45, and took it all to the SOS office, where they promptly told me that none of what I had just paid for was what I needed.

I will be creating a checklist for all of this stuff once I finally figure out what the actual deal is. That way someone else might not have such a difficult time getting all this.

My physical and shots are scheduled for next Monday.   I can’t think of anything else I need to get ready now besides sell off everything I’m not going to store for when I get back.

I’m ready.  I’m ready to the next phase.  I’m grateful for the people that have been a positive influence in my life through this stage.  You are the ones that helped me get to this point without having self-doubt, fear or worry.  I know it’s what I’m meant to do and I’m ready.

So I ask the Universe to send the people to me that want to buy my stuff and help me financially.

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